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Assets and Prototypes

Project Project Description
OpenNaaS Framework for building network infrastructure management and control applications, based on well-defined APIs and service-oriented architecture.
VCPE The goal of the virtual CPE is to rationalise equipment, by leveraging virtualisation so that a single device at the client’s institution can share the role, or that it can be provided by a small number of aggregating devices at a central location.
GaaS Grid as a Service platform that enables clients of cloud services to consume these services using an application specific, simplified API. The platform chooses the best provider given the client’s request and mediates between the client and the cloud provider.
eHealth Portal Online tool for medical care and communication between health professionals and patients
mHealth Launcher Allows Android devices to become an extension of healthcare services.
Telecremats B2B eHealth platform for remote diagnosis in cases of medical emergencies for burns patients
GTRS Global Telerehabilitation System. Home rehabilitation platform with online exercises and decision support systems using Kinect technology.
MPEG DASH transcoder SaaS to transcode and encapsulate live adaptive MPEG-DASH streams.
IP AV Mixer SaaS to perform real time mixing of several streams.
Thin render High performance rendering for mobile graphic applications
Cultural Guide App Augmented Reality application for museums
WSN Universal Gateway Universal WSN Gateway able to integrate solutions and sensors from different manufacturers (IEEE802.11, Bluetooth, USB, RS232, RS485, ZigBee, 6LowPAN, IEEE 802.15.4 and RIME)

Innovation infrastructures

Links Project Project Description
View i2Health Sant Pau 2HEALTH SANT PAU is a Knowledge Center that aims to create a new innovation eHealth ecosystem based on the collaboration of  a multidisciplinary team composed by medical  and ICT technological professionals, working together to foster the development of new  products and services to be applied on the eHealth sector.
View Industrial Ring The Industrial Ring is composed by a telecommunications infrastructure and a platform of services and applications pioneered in Europe that connects industry companies, research centers and universities with a high performance bandwidth.
View Experimenta Platform Experimental infrastructure with links to the main international Research and Education Networks (NRENs), ready for services testing and validation